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Thanks to the Partner University Fund of the French-American Cultural Exchange Foundation; CNRS and IRCL; UGA; UPVM3; the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts; Georgia Humanities; the Athens-Clarke County Libraries; the UGA Libraries; the UGA Office of Institutional Diversity; and the UGA Graduate School, the Departments of English, Theatre and Film Studies, and Romance Languages, the UGA Graduate School, and the UGA Office of Institutional Diversity.
Conference Committees
Program Committee: Christy Desmet, Sujata Iyengar, Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin, Miriam Jacobson, Debbie Bell
Artwork and Program Design: Anna Forrester
Website Construction and Design: Lainie Pomerleau, Sarah Mayo, Anna Forrester, Mikaela LaFave
Sustainability Coordinator: Philip Gilreath
Welcome Wagon: Nick Ciavarra, Savannah Jensen, Mikaela LaFave
Special Thanks
We would like to thank the staffs of the University of Georgia English Department Business Office, the Athens-Clarke County Libraries, and the UGA Special Collections Libraries: Anne Meyers Devine, Trudi Green,  Sarah List, Tim Pennell, Shaina Patel, Kristie Sartain, and Amanda Summerville.

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